People at the heart of our development

It is our conviction that our partnership is truly enriched by the variety and mix of the people who choose to join us. In this regard, Mazars has activated a policy for promoting and developing our most important resource: our employee! We do this through offering not only equal opportunities for employment but the same potential for developing a career.

A global effort

The committments made by the Mazars at the group level are as follows:

Diversity, one of Mazars’ key values

Mazars fosters a diverse workplace in which all members of our team can thrive. Seeking to hire and promote women and men from all backgrounds benefits both our company and our clients. Having a range of viewpoints gives us better insight in overcoming challenges and a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs. Diverse teams create innovation and lateral problem-solving. Mazars stands guard against all forms of discrimination and offers its professionals equal opportunities and treatment, regardless of their racial or ethnic origin, gender, religion, age or disability. 


Mazars focuses on a better representation of women in the organisation, mainly in management positions. Our involvement is carried out through various actions of raising awareness internally, developing an internal female network through a collaborative platform of discussions and a programme to identify female talents who will benefit from specific support and development action plans. Women account for 34% of Mazars’ Group Leadership team and 55% of the Group Governance Council. Women@Mazars is a central part of the firm’s strategic plan to enhance the development and retention of women leaders, creating an environment where all our best and brightest excel.

Lifelong learning

Given the new nature of work, Mazars has designed an education-based strategy to foster our staff’s employability. To this end, Mazars University has been built around a blended learning approach, encouraging coaching & feedback, and offering modern on-site as well as online programmes, as follows:

Cutting-edge international seminars

Our CLIP-accredited Mazars University offers 28 world-class Leadership & Business Development programmes, among which is our flagship “The Next MBA”. The Next MBA builds a community of top executives from leading companies around the world, who embark on a transformative learning experience together.

User-friendly digital learning worldwide

Mazars University provides our professionals across the globe with unlimited access to state-of-the-art training content, through its global partnership with LinkedIn Learning and its global online platform, “MazarsU”.

Our people at the heart of our transformation

Through multidisciplinary workshops and initiatives, such as the “Global Mazars Shake”, our people design innovative audit, advisory and business solutions for tomorrow. “Mazars Shakes” are internal innovation events where Mazarians participate in hacking today’s business challenges to find innovative solutions for tomorrow.

International Mobility

Regardless if an international experience is inbound or outbound, everyone agrees that it leads to professional growth as well as long-lasting professional and personal relationships, which are the hallmarks of Mazars. Since we are present in almost 90 countries and territories, we promote international mobility for Mazarians to develop their careers and contribute to Mazars’ global business. Whether you are looking for an opportunity during your studies or you are ready to start your career, Mazars is your door to international opportunity.

Our committment as Mazars in Singapore

The activities and programmes we undertake in the SG reflect the priorities agreed by Mazars at group level.

You can read more about the local initiatives below. 

Mazars Wellness Series: Stay well for a good cause

With working-from-home being the default option, Mazars in Singapore has planned a HR Wellness Series for all Mazarians with activities ranging from mental health workshops, physical kickboxing classes and more! With every participation, Mazars will buy a meal from our local hawkers and gift it to those in need! We aim to achieve 400 hawker meals by the end of this initiative.

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Our commitment to a healthier workplace

brooke-lark-jUPOXXRNdcA-unsplash (1).jpg
To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, Mazars Singapore collaborated with World Food Future (WFF) and reasserted its commitment towards being #MazarsForGood, a global citizen to having a positive impact on the world and the communities around us.

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