Mazars Wellness Series: Stay well for a good cause

With working-from-home being the default option, Mazars in Singapore has planned a HR Wellness Series for all Mazarians with activities ranging from mental health workshops, physical kickboxing classes and more! With every participation, Mazars will buy a meal from our local hawkers and gift it to those in need! We aim to achieve 400 hawker meals by the end of this initiative.

Mental Health Workshop: Working Out Stress for Success

To kick off the first initiative of the HR Wellness Series, our firm has arranged for a virtual mental health workshop, ‘Working Out Stress for Success’.  The workshop provided tips and strategies on how to acquire tips, manage and cope effectively with stress as we work from home, to enhance personal wellbeing.

Virtual Fitness Class: Fight Do

For our second initiative of the HR Wellness Series, we have organised a virtual fitness class – Fight Do! for all Mazarians to destress after a long day of work. Fight Do is an imaginary fight against several opponents, combining the best of Boxing and Martial Arts, which provides a fun and effective class using simple, dynamic, and intense combat type training, which helps to burn up to 600-800 calories per session. 

Surprise Delivery to brighten our mazarians' day

For our third initiative of the HR Wellness Series, Mazars in Singapore has organised a little therapeutic surprise package to be delivered to all Mazarians, as a token of appreciation of their hard work and effort during this work from home period. 

Fitness Talk and Activity: 5 hacks to burn more calories while staying at home

As the HR Wellness Series draws to a close, our firm has arranged a fitness talk and activity session for the grand finale! This fitness session covers 5 hacks to burn more calories at home, as well as a 45-minute Pilates session for our Mazarians to destress and stay healthy in the comfort of their own homes.