Our commitment to a healthier workplace

To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, Mazars Singapore collaborated with World Food Future (WFF) and reasserted its commitment towards being #MazarsForGood, a global citizen to having a positive impact on the world and the communities around us.

As part of the event with WFF, Mazars Singapore kickstarted the day by pampering its women workforce with a lavish and healthy breakfast. Mazarians were also educated about the importance of a healthy mind and body. They were told how eating the right food and keeping fit can help the body keep strong and cope with stress.

To help transform its workplace into a hub of thriving lifestyle, Mazars Singapore has committed to:

-          Offering regular health check-ups in the office

-          Promoting nutritious lifestyle tips.

-          Serving healthy snacks in the office.

-          Introducing wellness challenges and competitions to promote the message of a healthy lifestyle.

Denis Usher, Managing Partner (Mazars Singapore), recognized the importance of celebrating a day dedicated to women. He said, “Today is an important day around the world to recognize that women are integral to a happy, healthy, and productive society and that are key to our future success.”

Narissa Chen, Partner, also stressed on the need for building a gender-balanced world. She said, “To sustain a leadership culture founded on fairness and respect for diversity, we continue to nurture our Mazarians into becoming future leaders who can value differences among people.”

As part of its commitment, Mazars Singapore will continue to introduce measures to make the environment of its workplace conducive to the growth of women. Building on its partnership with World Food Future and as part of its ‘Mazars in the Green Scene’ initiative, it will inculcate a sense of healthy lifestyle among the Mazarians.