Mazars Singapore Alumni Club

Because a company first builds a human and social project, Mazars maintains close ties with its community of former collaborators.

In Mazars we believe in the creation of human relationships, encouraging human and professional relations: a central experience in a career.

We believe that Mazars, especially the office in Singapore, testifies to an extraordinary diversity and richness, that allow a global network with special bonds for life, both emotional and personal, and professional.

This is why, we introduce you to the Mazars Singapore Alumni community, a group dedicated to this community. Here, Mazars Alumni will find other employees of Mazars to stay in touch with, being able to reconnect with past colleagues and make valuable business contacts.

We keep our Alumni up to date with the latest business news and trends through our thought leadership publications, technical updates and regular events.

To join Mazars Singapore Alumni Club Group, click on this link to join our LinkedIn Group. See you all there!