Mazars integrates with IRAS’ dedicated network to promote more seamless tax filing

Mazars in Singapore joins 5 other professional services firms in the country to be recognised by IRAS for the integration.

Mazars in Singapore, an international audit, tax and advisory firm is delighted to announce that we are now recognised as a tax agent that is integrated with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)’ External Value Network (EVN).

Mazars is among only 6 tax agent firms in the country which have successfully integrated with the IRAS’ system to file their clients' tax submissions seamlessly via EVN.

The EVN is a secure dedicated network that allows tax agents to file their clients' Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) and Form C over secured platforms. IRAS recognises tax agents as key partners in administering the Singapore tax system and in facilitating tax compliance.

According to the IRAS website, tax agents and tax software providers are partners in its strategy to make tax filing more seamless and convenient through different digital solutions. As tax agents work closely with their clients, they also glean valuable insights into the clients’ business needs and concerns.

IRAS has formulated the Enhanced IRAS-Tax Agent Relationship Framework to support closer partnership and collaboration between tax agents and IRAS, particularly in the area of training and improving the competence of tax agents. Tax agents also serve as a valuable feedback provider for IRAS in the formulation and refinement of tax policies and practices.

With this integration, Mazars in Singapore will continue in our commitment to support our clients in meeting tax compliance and working with IRAS in facilitating business growth through effective tax policies.

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