SPRING Singapore & Mazars – CEO Roundtable session on Mergers & Acquisitions: Planning for Your Next Lap of Growth

In collaboration with SPRING Singapore, Mazars’ Head of Consulting – Tah Wee Han - facilitated a CEO Roundtable session on Mergers & Acquisitions on 13th January 2016. Wee Han shared insights on why SMEs should tap on M&A as a growth strategy, what to expect during the M&A process and a recent case study of a Singapore SME which Mazars has advised for a successful M&A.
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Held at SPRING Singapore’s premises, the Roundtable was attended by business leaders from 11 Singapore SMEs from sectors which included food & beverage, healthcare & distribution. During the highly-interactive session, Wee Han shared the key learning points garnered from having advised numerous Singapore SMEs in their M&A activities and provided the participants with practical advice for embarking on their M&A journey. SPRING Singapore also shared on the various government grants which SMEs can leverage on to support their M&A growth plans.

There will be more upcoming CEO Roundatable sessions on M&A to cater to the invited SMEs who were unable to attend the recent one. Do contact us should you like to receive an invitation to this upcoming sessions.


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