"The US desk works locally with public authorities and major business associations, which allows us to deliver services defined by real industry insight to US companies seeking access to Singapore and the larger APAC market, as well as help these companies expand operations or engage in external growth transactions." - Denis Usher, Managing Partner

Our team of resourceful US Desk professionals provide more than just solutions tailored to your needs. We offer the simplicity of a single point of contact, combined with a strong local and global network.

At Mazars Singapore’s US Desk, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients. We are:

  • dedicated to bringing together the strength and resources of our integrated partnership in order to assist our US clients in expanding their businesses in Singapore;
  • fully connected to Mazars’ network of US professionals around the world, in the APAC region and in France. Leveragingon our close ties, we ensure a seamless cross-border service, and facilitate investments through local expertise and strong client relationships;
  • a gateway for our Singaporean clients willing to invest and expand their business in US, giving them access to our wide expertise and teams based in US. 

We also assist Singapore businesses investing in US, leveraging close ties to our US offices to ensure a seamless cross-border service.