Mazars is a Gold Sponsor of the Singapore Accountancy Awards 2014

Mazars is delighted to be one of the Gold Sponsors of the "Capstone Event of the Year," the Singapore Accountancy Convention 2014!

Singapore Accountancy Convention 2014: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Recognising that technical excellence is the hallmark of the Singapore Chartered Accountant, the Singapore Accountancy Convention, organised by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA), will host a series of forums and conferences designed to provide you with information and empower you with the knowledge that will enable you to stay ahead of the curve.


ISCA Ethics Forum 2014 - “The Profession’s Commitment to Strengthen Public Confidence”

30TH July 2014 – Wednesday (AM)

The Singapore Accountancy Convention kicks off with a session dedicated to the cornerstone of the accounting profession - ethics. Professional accountants have to deal with many challenging ethical issues regularly, from auditor independence matters such as audit firm rotation and provision of non-assurance services, to money laundering and ethical dilemmas in business. As a profession that serves the public interest, it is imperative that professional accountants maintain the highest level of ethical and professional standards.

ISCA Integrated Reporting Forum 2014 - "Telling the Whole Story"

30TH July 2014 – Wednesday (PM)

The recent conception of Integrated Reporting <IR> is fast gaining traction as the new norm for communicating corporate financials and social responsibilities. With the release of the International Integrated Reporting Framework in December 2013, coupled with the drive to transform Singapore into an <IR> hub in South East Asia, <IR> will soon play a bigger role on the corporate reporting front both globally and within the region.

ISCA Accounting Conference 2014 - "Writing a New Chapter"

31ST July 2014 – Thursday

The leading conference in the three-day Convention, the ISCA Accounting Conference sets to keep you abreast of the latest accounting developments and issues impacting the profession internationally and in this region. With the remaining major IFRS projects reaching a close, it comes as an opportune time for the profession to take stock of the significant milestones achieved on the financial reporting front and look beyond the horizon in charting the path towards the future of financial reporting.

Singapore Accountancy Awards 2014

Celebrating Excellence in Accountancy

31ST July 2014 – Thursday (evening)

Held in conjunction with the Singapore Accountancy Convention 2014, the inaugural Singapore Accountancy Awards (SAA) recognises outstanding practices and individuals in the profession. Supported by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and the Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC), the SAA is the first of its kind within the local accountancy sector and is intended as a platform to recognise business and individual excellence, promote good practices, and strengthen branding of the profession and industry. Themed "Celebrating Excellence in Accountancy", the SAA comprises two main categories, Business Excellence Awards and Individual Excellence Awards.

ISCA Auditing and Assurance Conference 2014 - “Staying Relevant while Rooted in Quality”

1ST August 2014 - Friday

In light of the recent global financial crisis and uncertain financial climate ahead, the role and effectiveness of the auditing profession have been called into question. Having once been regarded as a strong element of the financial reporting supply chain, serious doubts have now been raised over the relevance of the auditing profession in the dynamic global business environment today. What does the auditing profession have to do to stay relevant? As the auditing profession continues to grapple with challenges along its path, the importance of audit quality cannot be overemphasised. Quality matters as the auditing profession seeks to uphold public confidence.


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