Our commitment to reduce plastic waste

For this year’s World Oceans’ Day, Mazars Singapore collaborated with WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and reaffirmed its commitment towards being #MazarsForGood, a global citizen devoted to having a positive impact on the world and communities around us.

During the event with WWF, Mazars Singapore pledged to champion the cause of reducing plastic waste. According to WWF, about 700 million kg of plastic waste is discarded every year in Singapore. From this, only less than 10% of plastics are being recycled. The rash plastic usage has severely impacted ocean health and biodiversity. Mazarians gained a deeper understanding of the increasing impact of plastic waste on the environment and how they could play a part in reducing plastic waste. Special souvenirs were given to Mazarians to help them reduce the use of plastic in their daily lives. 

To help transform the global plastic revolution, Mazars Singapore is committed to the following 4 Rs:

-    Reduce: Ensure that the usage of plastic bags is minimized in the daily operations of the office.

-    Reuse: Promote the use of non-plastic tumblers and bottles among their stakeholders.

-    Refuse: Educate employees on the benefits of ‘refusing’ plastic straws and opting for alternatives like metal straws. 

-    Remove: Encourage the reduction in the usage of disposable cutlery and opt for reusable metal cutlery sets instead. 

Denis Usher, Managing Partner (Mazars Singapore), was proud to see Mazarians adopting ways to combat plastic pollution. He said: “One of the major issues with plastic straws is that they are too small and lightweight to be captured even in the latest recycling machines. It is great to see that Mazarians are using steel straws to reduce plastic usage.” 

As part of its commitment, Mazars Singapore will ensure that the usage of plastic is minimized in its daily operations. It will also continue with its ‘Mazars in the Green Scene’ initiative to raise awareness about environmental and health issues among the Mazarians.  

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