Guidebook for Audit Committees in Singapore

The Guidebook has been a good source of guidance for Audit Committee members over the past six years.

In October 2008, the first edition of the Guidebook was developed and published by the Audit Committee Guidance Committee.

Naturally, since its issuance, there have been changes in corporate legislation and regulations as well as to both the local and overseas corporate governance landscapes.

The Code of Corporate Governance, in particular, which was issued on 2 May 2012 contains revisions to the principles in relation to Accountability and Audit. There was hence a need to review the Guidebook to ensure its continued relevance. 

The guide aims to summarise the additional / updated information being incorporated in Guidebook for Audit Committees in Singapore (issued on 19 August 2014).  

Table of Contents

  1. Background
  2. Summary of Updates
  3. Audit Committee Composition
  4. Audit Committee Agenda
  5. Risk Management and Internal Controls
  6. Internal Audit
  7. Financial Reporting
  8. External Audit

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