Mazars in Singapore Transparency Reports

We are pleased to share transparency reports for Mazars in Singapore.

Mazars is the only organisation publishing an annual report including its audited consolidated financial statements in addition to a global transparency report. Although these documents are publicly available, we have decided to also issue this report which focuses specifically on our activities and our organisation in Singapore.

Mazars has a long-standing commitment to the principle that audit and accountancy firms, by virtue of our role in relation to the accountability of public interest entities, should hold themselves to the highest standards of transparency and accountability. Accordingly, we have voluntarily published our own audited financial statements for a number of years.

Commitment to transparency

At Group level

To strengthen our commitment to transparency, Mazars Group made the decision to prepare and publish an annual report which includes consolidated financial statements prepared under IFRS and audited by two external auditors.

Mazars Group annual reports are available by clicking here.

At country level

Mazars' countries Transparency Reports are available by clicking here

Mazars in Singapore Transparency reports

Please download the full reports below.