Mazars in Singapore - Transparency Report 2011/2012

Mazars in Singapore is pleased to present its 2010/2011 Transparency Report.

Mazars is the only organisation publishing an annual report including its audited consolidated financial statements in addition to a global transparency report. Although these documents are publicly available, we have decided to also issue this report which focuses specifically on our activities and our organisation in Singapore.

This report illustrates how we operate: as an integrated independent organisation, committed to the highest standards of quality and transparency. In this report, you will find information about our legal structure, how we operate, who our partners are, who our clients are and what our quality processes are.

This transparency report is the first we are issuing for Singapore.

Singapore is also the base of our Asia Pacific team. We will therefore present our regional resources in this report as they provide support for both our Singapore practice and 13 other countries in the region.

To download the report, simply click on the link below.