Audit & Assurance

Bringing insight and imagination to tomorrow’s challenges. Evolution and transformation are, in today’s world, increasingly fast moving. Anticipation is key. Our aim is to respond to future challenges with a clear vision.

Our services are delivered by excellent, committed and truly independent professionals. Our unique, integrated structure allows us to put together cross-border teams under a single partner capable in establishing effective working relationships based on mutual trust and respect with key players within your company. The quality of our services is guaranteed by our 20,000 employees in 86 countries, with 10,000 trained auditors and 600 audit partners who have experiences among the most recognized companies in the world. Audit, Assurance & Reporting have been our core expertise for more than 70 years, representing almost half of our global revenues. We keep innovating in order to remain the 5th largest global audit firm in terms of number of audit mandates with large listed companies. By investing on the improvement of our audit tools and methodologies is key and our signature in shaping the audit of tomorrow.

Additionally, as an organization we engage in open dialogue with all our stakeholders on the value of audit for the business community and society as a whole. Our determination to assist our clients is manifested in our determination to have our singular voice heard in major debates shaping our economic and societal environment, nurture and grow our talent and provide those who work with us with an inspiring vision and work ethics.




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