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"Based on our experience and success in assisting our clients listed on stock exchanges in Singapore (SGX-ST) and Hong Kong (HKSE), and together with the support from our international network, we are able to advise you on the feasibility and appropriateness of a listing not only in Singapore but including Hong Kong, Australia, London and New York." - Rick Chan, Partner (Head of Audit and Assurance)

Mazars’ multi-disciplined teams of advisors can help to navigate the rigorous process of IPO and can offer assistance with the fundamental changes involved in becoming a publicly listed company.

At Mazars, we can provide a wide range of advisory services to address the issues faced by clients on their journey towards IPO and their preparations for being a listed company after the IPO. Our team has multidisciplinary teams that offer an extensive experience of capital markets requirements and accounting and financial reporting - helping finance organizations with going and being public. Working alongside various multinational corporations and family operated businesses, we know how important it is to have a deep understanding of reliable information and the necessary experience in all aspects of an IPO.

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