Audit and Assurance

At Mazars we believe in the fundamental importance of the audit process as an essential source of assurance for our clients.

The Audit and Assurance practice in Mazars Singapore provides financial audit services whilst prioritising the role of the auditor as an objective safeguard for the shareholder. Economic scandals and steadily increasing regulatory demands have all increased the complexity of business. Despite this, the fundamental relationships and responsibilities in business remain unchanged.

At Mazars, we believe that the role of the auditor as a safeguard for shareholders is a cornerstone of the financial system and markets.

Group Financial Audits in accordance with GAAP, US GAAP, IFRS and other reporting frameworks

Mazars Singapore audit professionals are also able to perform audits in accordance with Singapore GAAP, US GAAP, IFRS and other regional GAAP. Our approach is thorough, efficient and cost effective and is performed without compromise to the highest possible technical standards. At Mazars Singapore, we act as auditors of historical financial statements, both under statutory and non-statutory appointments.

Technical Expertise in Audit and Assurance

To further enhance the level of compliance with International Standards on Auditing, we have successfully adapted the use of AUDITsoft Mazars’ internally developed audit software, in our audit assignments.

A highly qualified and expert Audit and Assurance team

Our teams comprise of qualified CPAs are fully resourced and dedicated to providing you with excellent service through methodology, quality control technical expertise. Each of our partners has 20 years experience in audit and assurance assignments.

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