Mazars Audit and Assurance teams in Asia Pacific

Mazars in Asia Pacific offers a full range of services in Audit and Assurance throughout the region for both corporate and individual customers.

  • Mazars Australia provides Audit and Assurance services and aims to deliver added value to their clients.
  • Mazars China can help you manage your operational and financial risks thanks to their service offering in Audit & Assurance. They have a strong Audit division, an Assurance and Business Advisory Department as well as Actuarial services teams.
  • Mazars Hong Kong provides a wide range of Audit and other Assurance Services. They will help you manage your operational and financial risks and make sure that the processes within your organisation run more efficiently.
  • Mazars India offers a range of Assurance services. Their ability for forming an independent opinion regarding the completeness and accuracy of financial statements for a given period is well established.
  • Mazars Malaysia provides Assurance & business advisory. They act as auditors of historical financial statements, both under statutory and non-statutory appointments.
  • Mazars Philippine provides Audit Services in accordance with Philippine Financial Reporting Standards, IFRS, US GAAP and other reporting frameworks.
  • Mazars Singapore offers a wide array of Audit and Assurance services. We believe in the fundamental importance of the audit process as an essential source of assurance for our clients.
  • Mazars Vietnam offers Audit and Assurance services and conducts services in line with International and Vietnamese Standards on Auditing.