Governance, Risk, Compliance and Sustainability

"Fortune favors the brave". There is no reward without risk. It is the partner to opportunity. Those who succeed in embracing risk, master it and thrive." - Chester Liew, Director (Head of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Sustainability)

In this era of technological advancement, rapid changes in business landscapes and increasing regulations have resulted in organisations facing a myriad of challenges. More often than not, organisations have asked the following questions:

  • Do we have a clear insight of relevant risks?
  • How robust is our governance framework?
  • How mature are our processes when benchmarked against best practices?
  • Are controls functioning as intended?

There has always been a demand for advice and support in the Governance, Risk, Compliance and Sustainability domain and the Mazars GRCS team has collaborated with many of the world's leading organisations. With our customised solutions, capitalising on today’s innovative approach, we will assist you in navigating your risks landscape and enhance your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) activities. This way, your organisation can continue to stay ahead of the curve. We will help you take the necessary steps to safeguard its reputation and appreciate your shareholders' value. 

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Effective governance contributes to the success of an organisation or institution. For listed...

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Risk Management

Risks are abundant in this current age. Recent events serve as a reminder that organisations can...

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Legislation and regulations are often complex, change rapidly and may have a major impact on your...

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GRCS Consulting

In this unprecedented era, organisations are accelerating process transformation to stay ahead...

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