Internal Audit

Having an internal audit function which is effective, dynamic and capable of addressing future challenges is fundamental to a healthy organisation. Internal audit is well placed to be the catalyst for facilitating positive change, learning, ethics and sustainability – thereby enhancing and protecting the strategic vision and values of the business, customers and shareholders.

If you’re looking to set up or enhance your internal audit function, partnering with Mazars provides you with a flexible, tailored and effective risk-based approach.


We understand the importance of building an effective internal audit function. We also understand that the challenges of internal audit are constantly increasing: meeting several demands from different parts of the business, dealing with ever-changing regulatory landscape, a lack of internal audit resource – and all while trying to deliver the existing internal audit plan. In the context of organisation complexity, change and growth, you should expect an internal audit function to be able to provide proactive assurance, insight and advice.

We have significant experience in helping organisations build a successful internal audit function – part of this success is the result of the deep subject matter expertise we bring, rooted in the multiple industries we serve. In addition, we have experts in technology and compliance that can address the risks imposed by regulatory change and business innovation. We also advise on the organisation’s governance, risk management, compliance and internal controls and assist senior management and boards, and especially audit committees with their respective responsibilities.


Whether you are considering outsourcing the entire internal audit function, a co‑sourcing arrangement, or require assistance to deliver ad hoc assignments, we can help you achieve your governance and risk management objectives.

At Mazars, our approach is tailored to each individual client and based on four main pillars of the internal audit function: leadership, innovation, quality and resources.


Have you defined your strategy? Is the internal audit function sufficiently aligned with your organisation’s key initiatives and risks? Do you have the right people in place to make a difference? Developing or transforming an internal audit function requires strong leadership to effectively engage with stakeholders and build organisational awareness and commitment. With our expertise and a fresh perspective, we can help to establish a roadmap, performance frameworks, coaching and effectiveness enhancements.



Innovation and continuous improvement are key for a highly relevant and impactful internal audit function. Mazars will bring a fresh perspective to help create an innovative platform to improve performance, share knowledge and generate ideas. We can help with big data, data analytics, RPA, and optimising approaches.



The foundation of a high performing internal audit function is complying with the International Professional Practice Framework (IPPF). Mazars provides up-to-date knowledge and best practices to assist you with developing, tailoring and implementing a high-quality internal audit function, which goes beyond the IIA global standards.



Resource planning is key for high quality audits. Our professionals partner with you to provide specific types of expertise, local knowledge, or simply extra help when you’re resources are stretched. Partnering with Mazars gives you access to a flexible, highly competent network of skills that complement your team, such as expertise in cyber security, data privacy and GDPR, regulatory compliance, change management, all with local knowledge and language skills.

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