Financial Management Advisory

For many Small-and-Medium Enterprises, strong financial management is essential for building resilience and sustainable growth. From internationalisation to mergers & acquisitions to fundraising and cash flow management, the importance of strong financial management can never be emphasised enough. We support many organisations in developing a solid financial management foundation to support their business growth.

  • Financial Performance Review
  • Profitability Review
  • Financial Projections/Scenario Planning
  • Financial Growth Strategies
  • Mergers & Acquisitions/Joint Ventures
  • Fund Raising
  • Business Plan Development
  • Cash-Flow and Working Capital Management
  • Forecasting, Planning and Budgeting
  • Competitor and Industry Financial Benchmarking

Why Us?

  • Experience – The consulting team has extensive experience in both private and public sector engagements across various mainstream and niche industries that include food & beverage, healthcare, education, information technology, media and engineering.  
  • Integration – Our integrated international platform across 73 countries allows us to swiftly mobilise cross border teams with the relevant technical skills and experience to support your global business needs wherever you are.
  • Value-Added - We are able to strongly leverage on our global cross-functional expertise such as auditing, corporate secretarial, tax and outsourced accounting whenever necessary in value-adding our solutions to overcome the multi-disciplinary complexities of our clients’ engagements.