How do we work?

"Successful transaction support is highly deal-specific and our experience handling the challenges of critical projects is what creates value for our clients." – Pierre-Paul Jacquet, Partner (Head of FAS)

For all projects, Mazars will put together an experienced team of deal professionals who will be working jointly with our clients and their advisors to deliver transaction-specific advisory and support. The hands-on involvement of the Mazars Partner leading our deal-team will ensure seamless and efficient communication, excellent project management of diversified expertise across jurisdictions and commitment to achieve the transaction timeline.

In Singapore and across Asia Pacific, our deal expertise involves:


  • Defining the scope relevant to a specific transaction
  • Understanding the key drivers of the financial performance
  • Identifying and analysing the key elements affecting the transaction price
  • Assessing the quality of earnings, working capital, and net debt
  • Comprehensively identifying risks for which warranties are required
  • Assisting with the drafting of the mechanisms of price adjusting clauses
  • Determining the optimal acquisition structure from a financial and tax standpoint
  • Carrying out a post-acquisition review and preparing the opening balance sheet


  • Identifying and ranking value-generating factors
  • Preparing pro forma financials, especially for carve-out situations 
  • Analysing historical performance
  • Drafting and challenging the business plan
  • Delivering a vendor due diligence report to be used by potential buyers


Mazars Corporate Finance advisers guide your financial transaction to a successful outcome. Mazars is here to help your business succeed in a fast-moving environment, which places significant strategic and competitive pressures on seeking to expand your activities, whether your business operates in a national or international marketplace. We have extensive experience in advising clients on corporate finance actions dealing with sources of funding to allocation of financial resources. We provide corporate finance advisory services to a variety of stakeholders in a business including business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate shareholders, management teams, and financiers. We lead clients conducting transformation projects through transactions or capital management and actively advice on practical and financial issues that our clients could face. Our advisory teams will work with you on different stages or the whole process until the deal is complete.

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