Insolvency and Restructuring

The key to getting a business back on its feet is providing the right advice, and providing it early.

If your business is struggling, we can help! Mazars, through our integrated platform, can act as Liquidator, Receiver, Administrator and/or Trustee to offer you Insolvency and Recovery services within Asia Pacific.

A trusted regional team providing the right advice.

With a team of over 100 reorganization and recovery professionals, we work with each client to find the best possible solution for all stakeholders.

  • Singapore & Malaysia provides Insolvency & Corporate Recovery, with typical services including business restructuring, formal receivership and liquidation services. They also offer investigation accounting services, either for entities experiencing cash flow and debt recovery issues or on behalf of banks or other financiers.
  • Indonesia can help you during your Business Restructuring by performing an operations review to identify operational inefficiencies, saving costs and overheads. Our teams in Indonesia will also help you to avoid future risks.
  • China provides Business Recovery services to companies and individuals experiencing financial difficulties, as well as business restructuring services. They also provide insolvency services and investigatory accounting services

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