In an ever changing and evolving business environment it is important to have industry experts. Mazars Singapore with specialists in Industry, Insurance, Shipping and Services help clients adapt to these changes through the tailored service they provide.

To ascertain a clear and transparent view of business, whether derived from a qualitative or quantitative approach, reliable and up-to-date information is vital in order to accurately assess performance. Mazars Singapore through high quality and cost effective services answers this need.

Consumer Products

The consumer products sector is facing its greatest challenge in today’s global economy. Working in a competitive and increasingly globalised marketplace, industry players have to revisit their costs while reviewing and rethinking their business models in order to maintain or increase their market share. Combining deep industry knowledge and multidisciplinary skills, the Mazars team offers tailor-made solutions to help retail companies address their toughest challenges.


Industry continues to face uncertain times and global competition. Areas of the market have reached saturation while others offer great opportunities of innovation and development. On this global playground competition comes from emerging countries and mature economic models.


The insurance industry is both dynamic and complex. Industry consolidation, economic and demographic influences, enhanced regulation, technological development and large scale disasters are all factors fuelling the tremendous change that is currently occurring within the sector.

Within this context, Mazars, drawing on over a century of experience in the insurance market has the ability to provide bespoke solutions to these complex problems.


The service sector is a wide, sophisticated and dynamic one. Considerable changes have occurred as a result of a growing demand for customized state-of-the-art services to business and deregulation of the global economy. In addition, one of the key drivers of change continues to be an increasing volume of local and global regulations.


The shipping industry holds a strategic place in Singapore. Increasing trade volumes, deregulation and the lifting of trade barriers have enabled this industry to thrive in the Asia Pacific region. Strong international competition brings additional pressure on shipping while mergers and alliances of major Groups are reshaping the industry.