How do we work?

"Mazars' service is characterised by a thorough understanding of our business, allowing them to add value to the audit process. The close involvement of senior team members has quickly built a strong working relationship with our own teams." Managing Director, Schneider Electric Limited

The diverse range of services we have provided to our Energy clients have allowed us to develop a rich set of solutions to meet varying client needs, notably in the following areas: 

International development and external growth 

  • Investment opportunity studies in the energy sector (infrastructure, alternative energy, distribution ...) 
  • Assistance in transaction execution (due diligence, purchase price allocation ...)
  • Support in driving integration projects
  • Financial, tax and legal support in establishing subsidiaries or businesses

Optimising financial management

  • Audit both large companies and SMEs, listed and unlisted
  • Support the finance and accounting function, reporting and consolidation
  • Financial engineering (optimisation of corporate finance, cash management, working capital reduction, reverse factoring, ...)
  • Alignment of costs in connection with the business strategy (ABC ...)
  • Financial modelling of investment projects

Managing risk

  • Adjusting the level of investment in accordance with industrial risks
  • Risk mapping
  • Support audit and internal control
  • Identification and prevention of fraud risks

Improving operational performance

  • Industrial asset optimisation by transforming regulatory constraints into opportunities (European Directive on strategic oil stocks, 3rd European Directive on electricity and gas...) 
  • Global optimisation of the supply chain
  • Maintenance strategy for industrial sites (platforms, refineries, depots, nuclear sites ...)
  • Critical spare parts logistics

Sustainable development

  • "Human Rights" and social audits 
  • Support the competitiveness and image of companies through expertise in the areas of environment, safety and social responsibility
  • Optimisation of carbon strategy