What challenges are you facing?

The energy and utility industries are under the political and economic microscope. Commodity price volatility, insecurity of fuel and energy supply linked to geopolitical uncertainties, resource scarcity during a time of booming demand from emerging countries, issues posed by climate change.

The demand for resources far exceeds the supply- leading to an exponential increase of utility prices for customers. Industry players must deal with a complex regulatory environment, exposure to stronger market risk and new environmental expectations.

Worldwide energy consumption is projected to increase by more than 40 percent by 2035, fuelled by  an increasing global population, improvement of living conditions, economic output and emergence of new economies. Even if the overall demand is strong, energy players are evolving in a fast-moving and dynamic context, marked by cyclical and structural trends.  In order to seize market opportunities, energy companies have to deal with major challenges driven by political, economic, environmental and social issues: 

  • Growing energy needs in developing countries
  • Significant impending changes in the energy mix
  • Volatile commodity prices
  • Fossil fuel scarcity
  • Development of clean, renewable and unconventional energy
  • Decisive regulatory framework that is complex and ever-evolving
  • A need to modernize existing infrastructure with increased funding issues