The service sector is a wide, sophisticated and dynamic one. Considerable changes have occurred as a result of a growing demand for customized state-of-the-art services to business and deregulation of the global economy. In addition, one of the key drivers of change continues to be an increasing volume of local and global regulations.

The many dynamics of Services create an opportunity for Mazars to operate. In Singapore, our clients need advisers who understand the complex issues they are facing to help them adjust to international financial reporting standards.

At Mazars Singapore we understand the various challenges of the Service industry which allows us to provide practical value-for-money solutions internationally and to support our clients through their specific challenges.


Your Challenges

  • Strong reactivity to customer requirements
  • Anticipation of the financial standard changes, switch to IFRS or GAAP
  • Compliance with a high level of internal control
  • Financing growth and innovation
  • Development of outsourcing and value for money services

Mazars Singapore have strong commitment to our European customers set up Singapore but we also provide the same range of high quality services to local companies. Thus our scope of expertise includes multiple sectors for which we can show strong credentials.


Sectors we cover in Singapore

  • Financial Services
  • IT & Software
  • Technology, Media & Telecommunication
  • Real Estate
  • Specific Services to Business
  • Transports & Logistics