Assurance on non-financial information

Businesses are moving into a new era, companies today will have to take larger responsibilities and manage more divers risks than they used to.

With regulatory, legislative, political and public opinion changes  continuously evolving, it is crucial that businesses stay ahead.

Top tier companies are already starting to anticipate and comply with the changes, and some are developing innovative approaches to create extra value by reshaping the way they do business .

At Mazars we always try to go a step further beyond the figures.

At Mazars, we are not only experienced in providing services on financial information but also on non-financial information to meet the evolving business needs.

We understand that producing trustworthy financial information alone isn’t the whole story. We try to give our clients the clearest insight into their corporate strategy, business processes and financial reports based on the stories that the figures tell. We also provide assurances and advices on key areas of impact that businesses have on the whole society and help them understand, improve and live up to their promise to the society.