People Development Consulting (PDC)

People Development Consulting (PDC) is a practice offered by Mazars to help clients develop their workforce and organisation while focusing on the human values of individual and social development.

PDC works by considering two principles:

  1. Building a competitive workforce and developing leaders is key to business success.
  2. Every employee has now become an entrepreneur for his or her self-development. Matching the needs of a global and fast-changing organisation with the aspirations of self-managed employees is called twenty-first century leadership.

PDC Service Offers

The map of services below shows many of the needs we are able to meet.

The way we think about individual workers, generation gaps, cultures, motivation, careers and contracts have changed and will continue to change. Our highly capitalistic workplace shows faster "creative destruction" than before. But developing people is not just about change.

It is also about what kind of company you want to have, what your aspirations are and what values you choose to create a corporate identity. Leaders spend much more time on people issues than in the past because they have become much more critical to the success fo the company.

How PDC will work for you

Mazars People Development Consulting starts by learning the aspirations of the client. To do this, we'll need a good understanding of your ambition and vision.

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Where are you going?
  • How are you changing?

We don't only ask leaders these questions. To be an aspirational company you must know the aspirations of the people you work with. Then we bring innovation, expertise and resources to tailor solutions to your needs.