People Development Consulting Presentation

A brief presentation outlining the key facts and figures of Mazars, along with details on how PDC can work for your organisation.

PDC works by considering two principles:

1)  Building a competitive workforce and developing leaders is key to business success.

2)  Every employee has now become an entrepreneur for his or her self-development.

Matching the needs of a global and fast-changing organisation with the aspirations of self-managed employees is called twenty-first century leadership.  This has been driven by massive changes in the global workplace, where developing countries have lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty in a single generation.

By addressing the two factors of twenty-first century leadership, Mazars People Development Consulting service offers practical and innovative solutions to meet you and your company's aspirations. 

This presentation will give you the key facts on Mazars, and how the Mazars Way values synergise with the values of PDC.  It will also give you details on the services and solutions that we can offer your organisation.


People Development Consulting Presentation
People Development Consulting Presentation