Fraud Risk Management

Prevention is better than cure: Organisations are often conscious about the need for an effective fraud and corruption prevention program. However, they tend to avoid evaluating the effectiveness of their existing program, until a key event occurs and exposes the organisation to regulatory and reputational impact.

Although most organisations have fraud risk management, those being basic controls to 'set the tone', the matter of fact is that fraud risk lurks within each organisation. By not probing deeper into these controls and checking for blind-spots, organisations may not be prepared at all to prevent, detect and respond to fraud and corruption risks. 

We help organisations build and sustain fraud and corruption prevention blocks to mitigate and monitor fraud risk. With each organisation's respective needs in mind, we customise our fraud risk assessment to fit you: 

  • Gap assessment of existing fraud and corruption prevention program;
  • Design and implementation of Fraud Risk Framework (FRM) and related anti-fraud programs and controls;
  • Fraud prevention training.