How do we work?

"A Comprehensive Approach to serve you better to help you growth your business in Singapore and Asia"- Chester Liew

We can work with you at an enterprise-wide level, or on individual functions and processes, to help you:

Establish goals, objectives and infrastructure

We help you understand your risk capacity and tolerance, and recommend an effective framework and organizational structure for managing risk.

Assess business risks

Using our proprietary Mazars GRIC’s Business Risk Model, we give you a common language and roadmap for identifying, sourcing, measuring and prioritizing risks.

Formulate business risk management strategies

We provide information to help you reach your decision on whether to avoid, accept, transfer, reduce or exploit each of your defined business risks.

Design and implement risk management solutions

We define actions you can take, and the information you need to do so, based on the right combination of people, process and technology.

Measure and monitor business risk management process performance

We use a structured consulting process to help you measure the impact of your business risk management processes and identify ways to improve.

Improve your business risk management process

With our database of best business, risk management and controls practices, we apply quantitative and qualitative diagnostic tools to benchmark your performance against world-class performers in business risk management.

Our approach is collaborative. We work with you to provide services in locations where you lack resources. We provide people with the skills and knowledge you lack, or train your people to give them the competencies you need.  With our advanced risk assessment, control and monitoring methodologies, our extensive knowledge bases and our sophisticated enabling technologies, we help you to effectively integrate risk management into your processes and your organization.

Comprehensive Services Offerings

We are enthusiastic about the power and potential of business risk management.  It is the power to protect and enhance wealth and drive business process improvement. It responds to a fundamental and increasing need of every company.  Our services meet a wide range of business risk and control needs, including:

Strategic and Enterprise risks

We offer specialized services to help companies address risks relating to your business environment, corporate governance and the dynamics of your value-creation model. We also offer advanced risk management services to improve your internal audit function’s ability to identify, measure and manage business risk.

Operations risks

From the many dimensions of your supply chain, to the intricacies of your treasury and trading operations, to the requirements of your contracts with government entities, every business activity and process involves specific unique risks. We can help you understand and manage them with confidence.

Technology risks

Technology is a mission-critical reality in the new economy. Whether you are implementing a new ERP or IRP solution, worrying about privacy or security issues or launching an eBusiness initiative, we can help you determine how to define, and then implement, the solutions that allow you to efficiently manage the business risks that exist in the myriad of technology and related processes that enable your business.

Our Services to Meet Your Needs

We provide the following professional services to public and non-public listed companies which include:

  1. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  2. Internal Audit (IA)
  3. Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
  4. Control Self- Assessment (CSA)
  5. Business Process Review and Re-engineering
  6. Process Benchmarking
  7. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  8. Internal Audit Quality Assurance Review (QAR)
  9. Training
  10. Translation Services