How to understand Internal Audit?

We are committed to helping you maintain a sound system of internal control to protect shareholders' interests and company assets and maximise long-term shareholder value.

We aim to provide the value-added risk management capabilities needed to support your business strategies and continuously improve operational performance. Depending on your need and preference, we work with you as strategic partners, consultants or as a provider of specific resources and competencies.

Mazars can assist you with managing and monitoring risk, and identifying potential problems before they occur.We then help to evaluate and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your company's processes, controls and operations to help you meet corporate goals and objectives and give assurance to capitalize on opportunities within the company’s risk tolerance with the following services:

1. Total Outsourcing and Strategic Partnering

2. Resource and Competency Enhancement

3. Building World-Class Internal Audit Department

We serve as the backbone of your business by fully integrating the full complement of our risk assessment, control/process evaluation, and testing & performance improvement tools.

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