Privately Owned Business Services

We know the opportunities and challenges you face are unique, so let’s talk.

We work with over 50,000 privately owned businesses worldwide – from start-ups and high growth companies, to mature multinationals and family businesses – giving them confidence in their organisations and helping them achieve their ambitions. 

We believe society is built on the success of businesses like yours. That’s why we are dedicated to helping make dreams like yours a reality.

Setting strategy

It’s important to feel confident in your business strategy and its ability to deliver on your priorities. Our approach to strategic business planning is based on data, experience and a deep understanding of you and your business.

Thriving through disruption

We can help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of market disruption in your industry. Whether you are facing technological, social or political change, or trying to figure out the right course of action in response to the Covid-19 crisis, our experts can help you stay one step ahead. 

Setting targets and KPIs

Which metrics and business KPIs will drive change and accelerate growth? Target setting and performance management are fundamental to implementing and monitoring your strategy. Our advisors and industry experts can help.

Succession planning

Thoughtful succession planning is key to business continuity. Whether you’re identifying and nurturing the future leaders of your business or conducting an external search, it's never too early to start planning for a smooth transition – for both the business and departing leader. 

Running a sustainable business

Supporting society through the work that you do – this is fundamental to who we are at Mazars. We take pride in helping our clients build sustainable businesses, comply with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and develop strong business ethics and CSR programmes.

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