How do we work?

"As a single, integrated global partnership with aligned interests and consistent standards, we offer a full range of tax advisory services to address corporation and individual tax needs. Achieving your domestic and international tax objectives in today's landscape requires a balanced perspective and foresight. We can, together with all of our colleagues around the world, provide you with the necessary tax insights allowing you to make the best decisions that strategically moves your business forward with confidence." (Gene Kwee, Partner - Head of Tax)

Our approach 

When it comes to investments and location selection, tax credits and incentives can often be a deciding factor. Governments around the world offer incentives to companies that elect to do business in their jurisdiction. Finding and securing such incentives often requires knowledgeable advice and technical guidance. 

We have a global team that tracks the incentives offered by jurisdiction and industry, including those for innovation, research and development and capital investment. Following a proactive approach, we work closely with our clients throughout their tax year to access assistance programs and process tax credit applications in real time.  

Tax incentives have become particularly vital amid the uncertainty triggered by Covid-19, which has led governments worldwide to expand tax incentive programs to cushion the economic impact. Our Covid-19 Global Tax and Law Tracker launched at the onset of the pandemic, includes credit and incentives from 75 countries worldwide. 

Our dedicated team of tax, legal and accounting professionals and engineers (industry specific) will guide you through the process of claiming available tax credits and incentives from the applicable governments and authorities. We advise on the incentives that are right for your business and its growth plans. Our national teams have extensive contacts with authorities in each of the jurisdictions in which we operate, as well as the expertise in compliance, reporting and local follow-up requirements needed to secure your benefits.   

Our services 

  • Claim planning to maximise legitimate use of credits and incentives; 
  • Drafting applications, project descriptions and financial data summaries to support claims; 
  • Follow-up with local authorities to ensure benefits materialise.