Huy Nguyen Senior Manager, Valuation

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“At Mazars' Valuation team, we do not stop at giving you a value. We take pride in identifying key growth drivers and risk factors and how they impact the value of your business. We aim to provide valuable insights for your strategic decisions.”

Huy is a CFA Charterholder with eight years of experience in business valuation for Merger & Acquisitions. In addition, his four years of technical experience in the Oil & Gas industry places him as a seasoned Senior Manager. Huy's engineering background and strong technical knowledge allows him to quickly understand the products and services as well as the key operating parameters of the target companies.

Huy possesses a keen willingness to look beyond the numbers. As part of his work, he has traveled extensively to visit production facilities and to discuss with management about technology, prospects and challenges of the business.

Huy's key projects include the valuation of an oil & gas equipment company in Houston, semiconductor companies in Shanghai and Jakarta, coal mines in Kalimantan, pharmaceutical, agricultural and utilities companies in Vietnam, as well as healthcare, technology, and education companies in Singapore.

Outside of work, Huy is an avid B&W film photographer.

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