IT Solutions Reseller's Successful Venture into Asia

Our Client is a value-added services and technologies (VAST) group accelerating the growth of disruptive and innovative technologies around the world with revenue multiplied by 10 in less than 5 years.

Context of the Transaction

  • As part of its continuing growth strategy, Exclusive Networks was looking for a strategic move into Asia Pacific where it made in first investment in Australia prior to this project. The Buyer is supported by prestigious LBO Funds with strong involvement from Management since a 3rd round of financing in 2015.
  • The Target Group was a regional distributor of technology products selected by world-class manufacturers and owned by its top managers
  • The Group has operations in 8 countries across Asia Pacific and is headquartered in Singapore

Mazars’ Expertise

  • A global cross-border team combining financial and tax expertise in all 8 target countries was put together, with Singapore in charge of coordination and liaison with the M&A team of the Buyer and its own shareholders  
  • Analysis targeted a detailed understanding of business drivers and KPI by jurisdictions as well as cash management and tax exposures in all Asian countries

Delivering Results

  • Due diligence project conducted within the strict 1.5 month timeline (combining virtual data room and on-site work by local teams) given the context of the transaction
  • Deal completed and new teams working together