Process agent services

Your representative for cross border transactions

Process agent services

Singapore continues to be an attractive location for organisations looking to expand their horizons by entering into a cross border transaction.

However, problems may arise in a business transaction when one or more related parties involved does not have physical presence within the jurisdiction.

In an international agreement, appointing an agent for service in a foreign jurisdiction may help your business avoid future difficulties, including issues in relation to court applications and enforcement. This is also often one of the pre-conditions for the execution of some international agreements.

As process agents, we represent your business in cross-border transactions by receiving important notices, proceedings or documents on behalf of your organisation. The support of our dedicated team will ensure that you receive timely updates.

Why do you need a process agent?

  • Presence during business hours

If you do not have a physical presence in Singapore, you are required to have a process agent.

For Singapore businesses without a fixed location, or if you are frequently out of office and work non-traditional hours, an agent can be a good solution.

  • Time-sensitive documents

Official documents such as notices and lawsuits have strict deadlines. If they do not get to the right person on time, your organisation may risk legal and financial consequences. 

A process agent has the expertise to sort through your documents and relay essential correspondence to you in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary penalties.

  • Privacy and confidentiality

If you use your own office address, you may risk having a legal action served in front of your employees and customers. Avoid this unwanted exposure by appointing a process agent.

Partnering with Mazars

  • Expertise

Dedicated team to assist you in cross-border business agreements.

  • Globalisation

Our team members are fluent in the main languages used in business and available to navigate through different time zones.

  • Accountability

Provides timely notice of receipt for official documents.

  • Personalisation

Reliable service that is scalable and flexible, tailored to your business needs.

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Process agent services