How do we work?

"As a single, integrated global partnership with aligned interests and consistent standards, we offer a full range of tax advisory services to address corporation and individual tax needs. Achieving your domestic and international tax objectives in today's landscape requires a balanced perspective and foresight. We can, together with all of our colleagues around the world, provide you with the necessary tax insights allowing you to make the best decisions that strategically moves your business forward with confidence." (Gene Kwee, Partner - Head of Tax)

Our approach  

Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporate, our extensive knowledge of local tax matters means we are perfectly placed to help you, wherever you are in the world. 

Our team, based in jurisdictions across the world, has the technical expertise and specialist know-how to provide individual services and bespoke planning so you can effectively manage your tax. 

We offer advice on employment, corporate, personal, indirect, international and multi-jurisdiction tax issues, crafting solutions and dedicated teams around your needs. 

Our corporate tax experts can help with annual tax returns, or in strengthening corporate compliance functions to ensure local tax risks are managed. 

We understand the increasing tax burden that companies and private clients face in today’s world and our expertise ensures you will always be up-to-date with the latest requirements and approaches. 

At Mazars, we can also advise on implementing tax risk management processes and controls to ensure you are always confident of satisfying the requirements of domestic tax authorities and regulators. 

Our services  

Mazars provides specialist tax advice on various topics like: 

  • Corporate income tax; 
  • Personal income tax; 
  • Employment tax; 
  • VAT & indirect tax; 
  • Private client tax;
  • Tax compliance. 

Our people  

Our highly skilled teams assess your needs to offer coordinated advice that supports your business.