Mazars in Singapore transparency report 2023

We are pleased to introduce the Mazars in Singapore 2023 transparency report. With this report, we seek to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability, and integrity.

Given today's rapidly changing landscape, adaptability and resilience are essential, especially in maintaining audit quality and standards. Amid economic shifts, technological advancements, and evolving regulations, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. We continuously refine our systems and leverage our talents to ensure robust and reliable audit practices.

In 2023, Mazars in Singapore achieved a significant milestone with the introduction of ISQM1, aligning with the global standards while tailoring them to Singapore's regulations (SSQM1). This implementation has strengthened our quality management framework and reinforced our dedication to uncompromising quality assurance.

Despite recent challenges, Mazars in Singapore has demonstrated remarkable resilience, reporting a record fee income of S$37.4 million in 2023, a 24% year-on-year growth, largely driven by audit and assurance services. This exceptional performance underscores our commitment to delivering value to our clients and stakeholders, but it also highlights our quality-focused approach in driving sustainable growth.

As we continue to promote transparency in auditing, we remain committed to evolving our profession to foster transparent and sustainable economies.

Read our 2023 transparency report now to learn more about the steps we have taken to enhance the quality of our audit work.

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Mazars in Singapore transparency report 2023